Lincoln International University (LIU) has served as a development extension for the Lincoln Christian University. This extension has become an important outreach for LIU’s service to the world education market. It is authorized by the United States immigration services to enroll international students worldwide.

Although LIU is still at its early stages of developing international education programs, it has made some major progress in its goal setting, policy adaptation, and resource allocation to meet the challenge of this new vision. In the past three year, LIU has formed a strategic partnership with America China Civic Exchange (ACCE) for this international program development. This partnership has helped to facilitate LIU’s original vision and mission that is to meet the challenge of this changing world.

The partnership between LIU and ACCE, as well as the above mission objectives are recognized and welcomed by the LIU leadership team. Currently, LIU is working on the concept of “Lincoln China Institute” within its institutional structure so as to better serve the needs of potential China-related programs. LIU also intends to utilize its surrounding resources of many educational institutions so that both communities of American Midwest and Chinese selected regions could be benefitted by this development.

At the present, LIU has already set up a China development project team in preparing to further work with ACCE and other organizations and institutions for the project planning. A tentative agenda has already been set to launch “Lincoln China Institute” initiative in the fall of 2010. LIU’s President Keith Ray and ACCE’s CEO Mr. Jian Zhu will be teamed to lead this project development.